What We Do

We provide comprehensive Groundworks and Civil Engineering solutions for the residential and commercial sectors with an emphasis on quality and safety.

At Terrain, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver every project that we undertake safely, on time, within budget and with a drive and enthusiasm that is unrivalled.

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Section 38 adoptable works, spine roads, estate roads, tarmacadam / asphalt surfacing, block paving, permeable paving, speed tables, traffic calming, footpaths, cycle ways, street furniture, Section 184 access works, Section 278 highway improvement works, road widening, roundabouts, traffic signals, white lining works.

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Section 104 adoptable works, large diameter pipes, deep sewer works, attenuation systems, flow control units, balancing ponds, swales, headwalls, pumping stations, rising mains, separators, Section 106 adoptable sewer connections, Section 186 sewer diversion works, jetting, CCTV surveys.

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Site clearance, bulk excavations, cut & fill operations, basements, ground reinforcement, geotextiles, geogrids, root protection, gabions, Reno mattresses, retaining structures, cart away of surplus materials.

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Traditional strip, trench fill, piled / ground beam, raft, “insulslab” raft system, pad, split level, basements, lift pits, waterproofing, substructure brick and blockwork.

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In-situ concrete ground bearing, in-situ concrete suspended, precast beam & concrete block floors, precast beam and polystyrene block insulated floors, precast plank floors, insulation boards, in-situ concrete screeds, DPM’s, gas protection measures (amber 1 & 2), under floor ventilation.

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Private Drainage

Plastic and clay systems, soakaways, land drains, French drains, attenuation systems, rain water harvesting, channel drains, slot drains.

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Below ground ductwork, duct / draw chambers, jointing pits, sub-station bases, trenching for Service Authority works, utility location.

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External Works

Flag paving, block paving, permeable paving systems, tarmac / asphalt driveways, resin bonded / bound surfacing, coloured macadam surfacing, gravel paving, in-situ concrete paving, geogrids, Grasscrete paving, grass-grid paving.

Terrain Construction LimitedPlant

A full range of specialist vehicles, plant and equipment, from 360 degree excavators, dumpers and tipper lorries to small items of plant.

Terrain Construction LimitedEnvironment

We believe that we as a company have a special responsibility for maintaining a sustainable environment. Terrain are committed to environmental sustainability in all our operations and policies.

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Terrain Construction LimitedSafety

Site and personnel safety is our top priority and our team are committed to providing a safe working environment for all connected with our operations.

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